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Closet Audit


2 hours

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This 2-hour session is your closet’s initial overhaul to transform it into a beautiful boutique curated just for you! We will use the concepts from the Style by Color 27 Hangers Course. Additional hours can be added to this service at $47 each. Travel accommodations considered. Additional charges may apply.

Closet Edit features a team approach to:

  • Remove items from your closet and review to decide what stays and what goes

  • Preparing unwanted items for trash or donation

  • Reassembling the wardrobe inside the closet using a system that makes sense to the client

  • Using the closet inventory checklist worksheet from the 27 Hangers online course to begin the capsule wardrobe process

  • Includes 27 Hangers online course from Style by Color - $27 value!

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