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I’m a busy woman who struggles with the same things a lot of women do—body image, schedules, relationships, parenting, and clutter. I’ve put some practices into my life that help me remember my hope, my purpose, and empower me to face the world with confidence. My desire is to help other women find this freedom and confidence through faith, fashion, and function.

  • Faith has been a part of who I am since a young age. It is my hope. You can read more about my faith on the Faith page.


  • Fashion found me, with divine appointment, through the process to become a certified Christian Image Consultant. I’ve always enjoyed the process and final product of looking good on the outside. Under the training of Style by Color's CEO Shari Braendel, I’ve reviewed the importance of showing what’s inside through the outside. I’ve also learned skills to help me address my body image struggles with colors, styles, and accessories that clothe me with dignity and confidence and ultimately free me to be the beautiful creation the Master Designer intended for me to be.


  • I love to Function! I enjoy being able to do what God’s called me to do, which I believe is to help other women.  I love order and purpose for spaces, and I re-energize when I declutter and organize. (My favorite areas of a store are still the storage container and organizer sections.) I love to plan, host, and attend events. I have a “project brain” that loves to brainstorm ideas, create plans, implement the details, and celebrate at the end of a task completed.

Did something I mention resonate with you? If so, please reach out to me and let’s chat. It would bring me great joy to help you find your own freedom.


Certified 2018
Certified 2021
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