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Finding Freedom

Faith, Fashion, & Function

My faith keeps me moving forward through the challenges of  life, including daily struggles like what to wear, tackling my messes, and working through events.

Where does my hope come from? Visit the Faith page or select More Info below to learn about my hope.


You are beautiful! and it's time you acknowledge it, understand it, and let it shine!


I can equip you with skills to clothe yourself in confidence, dress with dignity, and shop with purpose. These skills can be easily applied while shopping in your own closet, second-hand stores, or other retailers.



You were created with a function and sometimes “stuff” prevents you from performing as you were designed. Let's tackle your "stuff" together!

Do you need to plan a function or event?

I can help with that, too.




JM Consulting specializes in helping busy women find freedom and confidence through faith, fashion and function. We understand the unique challenges that women face in terms of juggling relationships, children, clutter, and schedules. We also recognize the importance of body image and how it affects our confidence. Our goal is to help each woman remember their hope and purpose, and equip them with the skills to face the world with confidence. We are passionate about helping women find the strength to move forward and make positive changes in their lives.



Grinnell, Iowa 50112


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