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Body Basics


60 minutes

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This 60-minute appointment is your basic package to dressing your body to create balance in your outer appearance and distract from any self-identified trouble areas. You learn to embrace your current body shape and how to dress it with confidence. Available as an in-person or virtual session. *In-person appointment held in Grinnell, Iowa. Travel accommodations considered. Additional charges may apply.

Body Basics session features:

  • Assess your body shape while considering any self-identified trouble areas

  • Learn which clothing styles in tops, pants, and layering pieces flatter your figure to create a balanced look and draw attention away from any self-identified trouble areas

  • Body frame analysis which leads to selecting the proper size jewelry, handbags, and prints/patterns to create a balanced look

Client should bring the following items to the appointment:

  • 5 favorite tops including at least 3 with a print/pattern

  • 3 favorite bottoms/pants including at least 2 layering pieces

  • 2 favorite necklaces and 2 favorite pairs of earrings

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