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Fashion Products

Fashion products to help you function.

*NEW* WINTER Closet Outfit Planner  $37 US

*Available December 8th! I'm thrilled to bring you the Closet Outfit Planner designed specifically for your Color Code by my ministry partners at Style by Color. You don't have to stress about what to wear ever again! The planner includes 27 hand-selected pieces that are perfect for your seasonal wardrobe in trend colors that will flatter your God-given beauty.

It is outfit planning made simple just for you!

What you'll get...

  • 27 Wardrobe Items specifically selected by Color Code for the season

  • Closet Inventory Checklist so you can shop your closet first

  • 30 Outfit Pairings + Photos including accessory ideas

  • Outfits Made Simple Chart with over 150 options for the 27 pieces

  • Shopping Links for items in a selection of price points, stores, and sizes

  • Trending Accessories report to help you find pieces to complete your looks

  • Body Shape Outfit Guide

  • 20+pages of high quality color printable PDF document for easy reference

Recommended prior to purchase:
Color Code Swatch Deck  $35 US

Identify your colors quickly and easily with color cards for your personal Color Code. The cards include your best neutrals, pop colors, contrast examples, and metallic finishes. Open the ring and arrange the colors in the order that works for you. It's easy!

Wear the colors you love, and the ones that love you back!


What you'll get...
  • Color Card Set with hues for your Color Code, approximately 35 cards per deck

  • Color selection by the expert ministry partners at Fashion Meets Faith: Style by Color

  • Style Guide with tips, including makeup and outfit color combinations

  • Accessory Card illustrating your best metallic finishes

  • Organza sachet bag

Recommended prior to purchase:
Digital Color Collection_Shari Hand.jpg
Digital Color Code Swatch Set  $17 US

Identify your colors quickly and easily with high-definition, digital color fabric photos for your personal Color Code. It can be accessed on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Includes current trend colors!

Wear the colors you love, and the ones that love you back!


What you'll get...
  • Online Access

  • 36 high-definition, digital fabric color photos

  • Semi-annual seasonal trend color updates (spring/summer & fall/winter)

  • Color selection by the expert ministry partners at Fashion Meets Faith

Recommended prior to purchase:
27 Hangers Online Capsule Wardrobe Course  $27 US

This video course, produced by my Fashion Meets Faith ministry partner Shari Braendel, is a fabulous step-by-step guide to help you get control of your closet. Use the segments and the downloadable worksheet to get yourself organized and establish a reusable, customizable system. It's simple and flexible. In fact, it's a great system to utilize with men's or children's clothing closets, too!

What you'll get...
  • 8 segment video course

  • Downloadable worksheet to help you plan your wardrobe, inventory your current items, and prepare to shop for items you need

  • Unlimited access - reuse the material as many times as you would like

Recommended prior to purchase:
  • FREE Color Analysis at Style by Color or professional confirming consultation by JM Consulting

  • Color Code Swatches - digital and/or swatch deck

  • Personal Style Appointment to determine best styles and accessories for your shape & size

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